Sunday, April 2nd

Slug Christ / Archibald Slim / Rich Po Slim of Awful Records @ THE BALLROOM (All Ages)

Presented by: The Outer Space

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  • Doors Open: 7:00PM
  • Music Starts: 8:00PM

Artist Descriptions

Slug Christ / Archibald Slim / Rich Po Slim of Awful Records play CT April 2, 2017!
“Atlanta rap has never exactly been hurting for weirdos; it is, after all, the city that gave the world André 3000. Lately, the citys street-rap universe has been comprised of almost nothing but gifted space-travelers: Gucci Mane, Future, Young Thug, Migos, each of them an utterly singular artist in one way or another. And right now, theres a whole new generation of space cadets working out their voices. These guys, who dont necessarily come from a centralized scene, have a style completely different from the yammering street-rap guys, even though theres overlap between their worlds. Theyre internet creatures, curator types who know how to photogenically present their own idiosyncrasies. They pop pills and rap over woozy instrumentals and speak in dorm-stoner terms about how crazy the world is. ILoveMakonnen croons chillwave hooks about how dealing drugs is a shitty and boring job, a skill hes somehow translated into a record deal with Drake. Rome Fortune dyes his beard different colors and makes songs with Four Tet. And a whole crew of muttering zone-out rap kids is coalescing around Awful Records, which is less a label and more a loose crew 14 members, of different races and genders, slurring atmospheric threats over the bloopy synthetic haze of in-house producer KeithCharles Spacebar. Their Soundcloud page is a place where you can get lost.”
– Stereogum

Slug Christ (Awful Records, Atlanta, Georgia)

Sluggo has been interviewed by UnderGrind , where he talks about how he came up with his name and his persona as well as the creativity that he puts into his music, and his relationship with Atlanta based production company Awful Records. He has said that he uses stream of consciousness in his music often and that it was the inspiration for his name. Slug because slugs are gross, kind of useless, but they also leave a trail, their mark, wherever they go. Christ because his views on religion cause him to compare both himself and other people to God. He has also said that the demonic influences in his music come from the idea that people have both good and evil inside them and that if Im going to be the messiah of something I am probably also going to be the demon of something. Attended SCAD, (Savanah College of Art and Design) for painting. He describes his paintings as “nonobjective stream of consciousness”. Slugga has said that Lil B was a large influence in his music comparing the Berkeley rapper to Marcel Du Champ, a late 19th century artist and Slug Christ’s favorite artist.
Did another interview with StreetKhemistry where he talked about religion and how that influenced his music.[1] In this interview he expresses that he feels like Christianity was “Shoved down his throat” as a child but as he grew older he learned to think for himself. At the time of the interview Slugga considered himself a metaphorical Christian, meaning that he was “…just down with being a good person.”

Archibald Slim (Awful Records, Atlanta, GA)
video :
As a lyricist, Slim is solid and workmanlike, but expressive, too. His words are dark, but theyre not Odd Future dark. Theyre built from the sort of darkness that happens when you realize that the only way youll escape a hopeless situation is through doing dirt and killing your own soul: I see the future in my blunt burning, everything comes to an end / Like the point where good intentions starts to turn to a sin / You dont eat if you dont work / For what its worth, put it in / Call me worthless, Ill for sure have shit to show in the end. StayBlackandDie is about knowing that all he has to do to fulfill a stereotype is die. Plenty of Slims Awful sound like theyre fucking around in their raps; on Shut Up, for instance, Father gets in a few doofy lines about how he wishes a naked Chelsea Handler would interview him. But Slim is not fucking around. And in the short half-hour runtime of Hes Drunk!, he proves that he has things to say and that hes fully capable of saying them. Im guessing well be hearing more from this kid.

Rich Po Slim (Awful Records, Atlanta, GA)

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