Thursday, April 27th

Bud Collins Trio w/ FURBS

Presented by: The Outer Space

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  • Cover: $5.00
  • Advance: $5.00

  • Doors Open: 5:00PM
  • Music Starts: 7:30PM

Artist Descriptions

No one is entirely sure when the Bud Collins Trio was formed, some believe it

was the 70s, other say 80s. The band don’t seem to agree themselves. They

have always played strange and beautiful pop music. They have never sounded

much like any other band, but yet mysteriously like many.

It’s primarily a kind of pop, but with a mixture of textures from various eras of

pop and rock, and many other influences apparent, such as jazz, progressive

rock, electronic music, lounge, and fusion. Comparisons range from XTC, Steely

Dan, Pink Floyd, Robyn Hitchcock, or echoes of Brian Wilson, to Camper Van

Beethoven, the Beatles, Elvis Costello, Elliott Smith, or Todd Rundgren.

They started playing on and off campus around the University of Connecticut in

the early days, then elsewhere in the state, various clubs in the Hartford and

New Haven areas, then branched out to most of New England, Portland, NH

college towns, Providence and some of the Rhode Island beach clubs, and

Boston, including some steady and weekly shows in NYC.

The BC3 was a steadfast part of the US indie scene through the late eighties and mid-nineties. During that time

their video “Fisticuffs” aired a number of times on MTV Basement Tapes, and they played with well-known

actsmusicians such as Bob Mould, Blues Traveler, Maceo Parker, and The Monks of Doom (half of Camper

Van Beethoven). They lived in vans. They played gigs and split the money on gas station burritos.

In 1994 Bud Collins played for the Real Bud Collins (Wimbledon doubles champ Boston Globe columnistNBC

Tennis commentator) when he was inducted into the Tennis Hall of Fame, and Sports Illustrated ran a human

interest story on the event with a full two page spread.

At a certain point in the mid-nineties the band split up. Some members went off to wander around through

the world still obsessed with music but not playing it, and others to continue in other musical projects.

But, all was not lost. Around 2008, for reasons that defy examination and by way of a fair amount of chance as

well, the band magically reassembled – and pieces of the familiar musical puzzle began to fall back into shape.

Even more surprising, they started again entirely from scratch, with all new music, with most of the original

members from all of the incarnations of the 80s-90s versions. It was like the resurrection of the Phoenix bird, if

the Phoenix bird were a strange meta-pop band from Connecticut.

In the following years up to the present the band have prolifically written. They’ve cataloged more than 100

new tunes, many of which are figuring into different current projects, including an upcoming full length

release, as yet untitled, scheduled for some time in 2017.

Another recent project is their Quasarmoto EP, released in the winter of 2016. This critically well received EP

features more lush and strange pop, psychedelic, progressive, dreamy, chill and thought provoking music, and

has charted well on US college radio.