Using Chinese Prayer Wheels

Using Chinese Prayer Wheels
That No One is Talking about Chinese prayer materials is very sad indeed. Joss paper has been
around in one form or another since ancient times. In Chinese joss paper prayer wheels, joss
sticks are used as a kind of medium of prayer and respect for the deceased gods 烟仔. Joss paper
may range widely from grass, bamboo, reed to many more.
Joss sticks are an important part of Chinese spiritual tradition. In Chinese culture, joss sticks
symbolize gods, spirits and ancestors. They are generally made from twigs of the various types
of plants from which they are harvested, dried and cooked into food. Joss sticks are used by
Chinese as a form of payment and as talismanic objects. It is said that the first Chinese joss stick
prayer wheels were created during the Tang Dynasty, over a thousand years ago.

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The Chinese people have always valued joss sticks as one of the most significant religious
artifacts, especially for their dead ancestors. Joss sticks have many mythical and spiritual
values Joss sticks are believed to protect the souls of the departed. Some of the most important
deities of the Chinese religion are the dragon and snake, the mother goddess, the earth mother
goddess, the water nymph, the Jade Dragon, and the Heaven Mother. Joss sticks and prayer
wheels are generally burned as offerings to these gods or goddesses.
For many years, Chinese people have used joss sticks and prayer wheels as a form of
meditation and as an object of devotion. They have often carried them as they went about their
daily business. Chinese use joss sticks as a prop for writing on the tablet of the sky and as a
prop for asking the gods for rain. There are many stories and legends attached to this form of
Joss sticks are also used by some Tibetan monks. They believe that it helps to focus their minds
on the prayers and thoughts. It is believed to calm the mind and to make it more receptive. Joss
sticks are often burnt as offerings to the temple of the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama is the head
of the monastery and his followers are always found carrying the joss sticks when visiting other

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In the modern times, Chinese prayer wheels can be seen at most prayer services and Christian
services all over the world. Joss sticks and prayer wheels are now considered as popular
decorations for offices and churches all over the world. They are usually made from either wood
or metal and decorated with beautiful stones and beads.
They are also used to decorate homes. Some homeowners choose to put them on their dining
room tables to give a religious element to their homes. They may also place joss sticks on their
mantles and in cabinet’s where they can be utilized as decoration items. They come in a variety
of sizes to accommodate the people’s needs. Some may prefer smaller ones, while others may
choose larger ones to be able to hold more things. They are also available in different designs,
such as those that have animals or religious quotes on them.
There are Chinese prayer wheels that are sold in shops. These types of products are more
expensive because they are made from high-grade metals and stones. If you want to buy one,
you can check online stores which sell Feng Shui products. You can also try to buy them from
online auction sites, which are known for their cheap prices. You can also visit your local
Chinese restaurant and ask them if they have a store where these products are sold.

Tips To Improve The Quality Of Life Of Those Who Work In Front Of The Computer

Today there are many people who work in front of the computer , which brings with it certain problems of work. Due to the long working hours, the body has to adapt to being in the same position for that time , which is not healthy. Both people who work standing up and those who do it sitting in front of the monitor generate various disorders in different parts of the body such as the back, neck, joints such as the knee and elbow, vision and those who also demand hearing they create problems in this regard. 

Why Then Share One S Erie Exercise That Can Help Us So That Our Work Does Not Go Against Our Body:

Muscle Stretching Exercises 

  • In order not to tire the neck so much, it is enough to drop the head slowly and raise it again at the same speed, then look to one side and to the other and finally make a semicircle and a full circle with the chin. Repeat each movement about five times a day and what is very important never force any position but quite the opposite.
  • With the shoulders it is positive to lift them and then drop them and then make circles with them.
  • To relax the lumbar area, simply lean against the wall and bring the knee to the chest and push the same knee with both arms to apply pressure.
  • For fist elongation we stretch the arm and with the opposite hand we grasp the palm of the opposite hand of the previously stretched arm, moving it up and down.
  • As for the exercise and blood stimulation to both hands and feet, it is enough to stand on the tip of the heels and feet, close and open the hands with homogeneous movements and stretch the upper limbs from top to bottom.
  • Many times it happens that when we get up from the chair after sitting for a long time “our legs fall asleep” and for this it is essential before getting up, raise our legs and move our feet in a circular way.

And finally, I think it is important to note that if we intend to do any of these exercises, we must spend at least 8 seconds doing it since otherwise we do not give the muscle time to wake up, so to speak, and remember that it is advisable to change the position of both in as much.

Postpartum Depression In Men

As is known , pregnancy is not just a woman’s issue and more and more couples happily say “We are pregnant.” But both take very different roles in this process; marked above all by a biological function that only allows the development of a fetus in the womb, as well as hormonal issues that are not relevant at this time. But from the biological achievement of pregnancy a series of aspects arise that have to do with the social and psychological aspects of these parents.

Postpartum Depression

Thanks to a study carried out by the New York Time, it has been confirmed that what we call postpartum depression is generated not only in postpartum women but also in men .

This depression appears, according to various studies, in 10% of women after giving birth, while 80% of women say they have suffered what is called postpartum anguish. But the novelty of this research is that, as the New York Time says “men can also suffer from postpartum depression, and its effects can be somewhat disturbing, not only for the father, but also for the mother and the baby ” .

According to Paul Ramchandani (English psychiatrist) of 26,000 couples , 4% of parents suffered depressive symptoms in the eight weeks after giving birth . But of those parents only a very small part showed such concern since they repressed and denied it even for themselves, inheritance in part of a society where men should not show their feelings and much less ask for help in matters that have to do culturally. with the female universe. 

In Matters Related To The Psychological / Social, Some Of The Symptoms That Appear Are:

  • Concern for the financial future of the family.
  • Excitement for parenthood without having really fallen into what it means and the changes it brings.
  • Recurrent questions towards themselves, such as, what kind of father will I be? Will I lose my freedom from before? Will I be able to support the finances of the family nucleus?
  • In more serious cases, suicidal thoughts have been found.

In Biological Matters , The Signs Of Said Depression Are The Following:

  • Drop in testosterone levels.
  • Alterations in the normal functioning of the brain .

But since everything that happens to a member of the family has a direct impact on the rest of the family , women who have spent part of their puerperium with parents experiencing postpartum depression have not felt properly contained in this process. although women whose partners have not gone through this process also say they have felt the same way. And the situation is more complicated when the woman also has to go through the complex situation of depression after giving birth.

On the other hand, and just as depression in women influences the cognitive and affective-sexual development of the baby, the repercussions are also seen when it is the father who goes through it; although, as the aforementioned psychiatrist puts it, children experience the situation differently depending on whether the father or mother is the depressed person.