Commonly used touch-screen technologies in the corporate world


Touch screen technology today is utilized in a countless number of devices like smart phones, at supermarket check-ins and check-outs, medical devices, restaurant menu systems, and at many more other places Smart Film Thailand. By blending the data entry way along with a superb display, the big size of a computer is diminished to this touch-screen technology. Touch-screen is truly the best option in businesses where space is a premium factor as this technology does not need any specific space to be kept. 

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It has eliminated or diminished the requirement of employers to train their staff regarding how to work on their software smart film pdlc. This technology is easy to use and even enables employees to look into the data or place orders on their own. This technology is also beneficial for employees managing to do multiple tasks at one time as at touch-screens, you need not type instructions. All you need to do is just tap on the icon which you want to open. There are various extra-ordinary types of touch screens. Each device has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s discuss some of these common touch-screen devices.


The first is 5 wire resistive touch screen technology. The advantages of this technology are: – It is truly a cost-effective solution for businesses. This technology can be activated by any of the stylus pens. In terms of accuracy, this is one of the finest devices. The best part is that it does not require much power to use. Any type of liquids can not affect the screen performance of this technology. Along with that many advantages, this screen has some disadvantages as well.      


Disadvantages of this 5 wire resistive touch screen technology: – It has a polyester surface which can be damaged if any mishappening occurs with your device. Moreover, this device has low survival. It has its record of about 35 million touches. 

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The second technology is the surface capacitive touch screen technology. It has its advantages like it is scratch-resistant and has a strong surface. Its survival is also quite high. The record of about 225 million is recorded. In terms of accuracy and adequacy, it is super-excellent. The optical clarity is super-fine. Liquids cannot be able to influence the screen performance of this device. The only disadvantage of this device is it cannot be operated with gloves in hand or not even with stylus pens. 


The third super innovative touch-screen technology is projected touch screen capacitive technology. The advantages of this device are it can be operated very well in rain, snow, or even ice. It has multi-touch support signals. It can be activated with a thin glove in hand. It will keep on working even if the glass is broken or scratched. The disadvantages of this device are touching with a thick-glove; it can be able to judge your touch. It cannot be operated with a stylus pen. 


These are some of the most common yet innovative technology in terms of touch screen in corporate business world.