Today there are many people who work in front of the computer , which brings with it certain problems of work. Due to the long working hours, the body has to adapt to being in the same position for that time , which is not healthy. Both people who work standing up and those who do it sitting in front of the monitor generate various disorders in different parts of the body such as the back, neck, joints such as the knee and elbow, vision and those who also demand hearing they create problems in this regard. 

Why Then Share One S Erie Exercise That Can Help Us So That Our Work Does Not Go Against Our Body:

Muscle Stretching Exercises 

  • In order not to tire the neck so much, it is enough to drop the head slowly and raise it again at the same speed, then look to one side and to the other and finally make a semicircle and a full circle with the chin. Repeat each movement about five times a day and what is very important never force any position but quite the opposite.
  • With the shoulders it is positive to lift them and then drop them and then make circles with them.
  • To relax the lumbar area, simply lean against the wall and bring the knee to the chest and push the same knee with both arms to apply pressure.
  • For fist elongation we stretch the arm and with the opposite hand we grasp the palm of the opposite hand of the previously stretched arm, moving it up and down.
  • As for the exercise and blood stimulation to both hands and feet, it is enough to stand on the tip of the heels and feet, close and open the hands with homogeneous movements and stretch the upper limbs from top to bottom.
  • Many times it happens that when we get up from the chair after sitting for a long time “our legs fall asleep” and for this it is essential before getting up, raise our legs and move our feet in a circular way.

And finally, I think it is important to note that if we intend to do any of these exercises, we must spend at least 8 seconds doing it since otherwise we do not give the muscle time to wake up, so to speak, and remember that it is advisable to change the position of both in as much.